Muay Thai, Fitness Kickboxing, Self Defense

Adult Martial Arts Classes

We understand that starting a new fitness activity can be a little intimidating for some at first. That’s why we make sure our Toronto martial arts classes for adults to be beginner-friendly, safe, and functional.

Evoke offers muay thai, fitness kickboxing, and martial arts self defense programs with our adult members in mind.

Evoke’s martial arts workouts are well-staffed, well-organized, and designed to help to turn aspiration and intention into action and results.

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Children, kids, and teen self defense

Youth Kickboxing and Self Defense Lessons

Evoke’s kids and teen self defense programs are well-structured to provide age-appropriate martial arts lessons to families.

We organize the classes by age to make sure they are appropriately challenged. Four and five year olds are in separate classes from six and seven year olds.

There are also separate classes for kids ages eight to twelve, and youth martial arts kickboxing for teenagers. Each lesson is designed to uniquely target their stages of growth and development in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.


March Break, Summer, and P.A Day

Fun Day Camp in Toronto

Evoke day camps offer families exciting alternatives to common march break or summer camps in Toronto.

Our camps are well-staffed, organized, and guaranteed to provide non-stop fun for the kids.

We focus on what is most important in a camp experience for kids – helping them become better versions of themselves while having a ton of fun.



Karate Themed

Birthday Parties

Evoke’s karate themed birthday parties are really fun, and a creative way to make your child’s celebration extra special.

Our team handles all the excitement and fun at the event while you relax with your guests.

We offer two hours of non-stop action theme parties like Ninja, Star Wars, Avengers, etc.

Other services

Community Events

Safety, Bully Proofing, etc.

Corporate Events

Wellness, Team Building, etc.

Virtual Programs

Live or Video on Demand.

Train for a difference with Evoke martial arts Classes.

Train for a difference with Evoke martial arts Classes.

I have to say – I think this club, environment and classes are both challenging and invigorating. The other instructors understand that skills and fitness levels vary – so while encouraging all class participants to push ourselves, they recognize that each person learns at their own pace. Attention to technique is also important and the instructors will take the time to focus on this without making individuals feel inadequate. For adults looking to increase their fitness or achieve weight goals – in a supportive and non-intimidating environment- Evoke Martial Arts is the place to do it. Highly recommend.

evoke martial arts servicesRoselle| Kickboxing member