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The essence of lineage in martial arts is not to preserve ashes of the past but to keep the flame burning for the future. Evoke is a leader among a progressive network of professional academies and studios within the international martial arts community.

Community | A hub with a family-like vibe:

Established in 2005, Evoke martial arts (formerly T.H.A – Toronto Hapkido Academy) started out in a tiny basement dance studio with a handful of members.

We have grown into one of Toronto’s top martial arts studios, offering industry-leading programs to adults and kids.

Our signature programs have also pioneered some of the teaching methods adopted by many instructors and martial arts schools today.

As a company we a passionate about making a difference, and are active in our community.

Evoke hosts a variety of community events throughout the year as well as special events to bring our martial arts members together to celebrate as a family.

Hapkido | Korean art of self defense:

An eclectic martial art with roots in Japanese jiujitsu, hapkido is modern art that balances traditional training with functional skills.

Hapkido teaches how to forge effortless takedowns, skilful joint manipulation, with devastating strikes and kicks into a cohesive system of self defense.

Evoke is an affiliate school of the International Kyung Mu Hapkido Federation; under one of South Korea’s most reputable grandmasters – Kim, Nam Jai.

Our head instructor, master Dayo, is a student of his and also one of the few western graduates of the Korea Hapkido Federation instructors’ course.

Grandmaster Kim oversees the training curriculum and rank system in our Hapkido program, and visits the school periodically for seminars and black belt tests.

Muay Thai | The art of 8 limbs:

Originating from Thailand, Muay Thai is a form of kickboxing and the country’s national sport.

It is often referred to as the science of eight limbs for its elegant and efficient use of hands, elbows, knees, and feet. Muay Thai is renowned for vigorous fitness regiments required to help fighters get in tip top shape.

Evoke’s muay thai affiliation started out under the Kru Muay Thai Association. It is headed by Kru Ace Ramirez, a student of Kru Vat Kamnark and the late Alex Cong.

Our program is designed to offer a progressive, safe, and fresh approach to muay thai training. Something that separates Evoke muay thai from popular schools in Toronto is the cohesive class structure that allows all participants to enjoy the full scope of the art that is often reserved to just competitors.

Fitness Programs | Results redefined:

Functionality, results, and fun are the cornerstones for every fitness component within all our programs.

We cut through all the noise in the fitness world and focus on practical solutions to members training goals.

Evoke’s fitness programs strive to go above the minimum standards set by fitness governing bodies, like CanFit, while creating continuing education opportunities for our instructors and coaches.

Our manager, Ms. Tess, is a certified personal training with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade.

We are social:

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