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Our teens enjoy cutting edge workouts with exciting mixed martial arts while elevating their confidence, making new friends, and gaining self protection skills.

A teen martial arts training experience that inspires and motivates
you to unleash the best version of yourself.


Teen Martial Arts Schedule:

Teen Classes In Action

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3 weeks of classes for $109.
(includes free pair of boxing gloves)

Fun, safe, beginner-friendly teen martial arts classes specifically designed just for teenagers. Ages 13 – 16.

Develop an indomitable will and awesome self protection skills from a powerful mixed martial arts training curriculum.

Neat, clean facility with an inspiring community-like vibe; and roster of caring and charismatic expert instructors.

teen self defense


A fun, functional, and safety-first approach is at the core of Evoke’s teen classes.

Teen Martial Arts Classes:

What separates Evoke’s teen classes from other studios in Toronto is that we organically developed a program dedicated to just them – teenagers.

They get to practice and grow with their peers in a supportive, safe, and well-structured environment.

In addition to gaining formidable mixed martial arts skills, getting fitter, and enjoying a cool activity – we focus on what is matters most – unleashing a better version of yourself.

Teenagers at Evoke experience a greater sense of fulfillment and productivity as a result of their training.


FAQ about Evoke’s Teen Class:

Sure you can! Click the button below to book free trial.

After trying a class, you can also sign up for a 3-Week trial as a great way to “test-drive” more classes to make sure we are a good fit.

As minors, teenagers are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the first class.

Martial arts is an umbrella term for various disciplines.

Kickboxing is a often a type of martial art combining punches from boxing with karate or taekwondo type of kicks.

Another is muay thai which is a popular form of kickboxing from Thailand. Our teen classes offer a blend of muay thai and hapkido (Korean jiu-jitsu).

Sure you can!

Teenagers ages 15 and up may attend Evoke’s muay thai kickboxing classes.

It is an adult class with a handful of teenager attending. So, as long as you can keep up and train with grown ups… that’s fine with us 🙂


Training with a friend makes it twice as fun.

Have them let their parents reach out to us, so we can book you both for a free class together.


Some of our teen members are active in other sports like rugby, hockey, and soccer.

We even have some gymnasts and dancers in the program. No matter your background Evoke’s teen classes is a great compliment.

The answer is simply No.

Martial arts is for everyone, classes are VERY safe, and filled with teenagers of various fitness levels.

At Evoke we believe in an inclusive environment where all members train responsibly, and with mutual respect for one another.

The workouts are progressively challenging and designed to help you tap into your ultimate potential.

Martial arts is for all everyone. At Evoke we have as many girls as we have boys, and they all love it.

None of our programs are gender dominated, so no one feels intimidated or overwhelmed in our classes.

In fact we have many female instructors, and some of our most advanced students are also girls.

Evoke’s programs are curated for functional skills.

While the teen classes incorporate multiple mixed martial arts disciplines… there is no “cage fighting” nor are we an “mma” school 😉

Contact sparring is introduced only at the intermediate/advanced levels.

Our program is designed for teenagers to push their physical and mental boundaries, gain practical self defense skills, get an awesome workout, and have fun.

Tap into your ultimate potential with Evoke’s teen mixed martial arts blending the best of kickboxing, hapkido, muay thai, and Korean jiujitsu into a powerful self protection program. For teenagers ages 13 – 16.

3-Weeks of classes.
(includes free pair of boxing gloves)

Martial Arts for Teens | Class Schedule:

Not ready to kick it yet? That’s ok.

You can request to learn more about Evoke’s teen program. We’ll follow up with information on class times, membership options, and any trial promotions we are running.

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Evoke a new sense of confidence, while having fun, gaining self protection skills, and making new friends.

Evoke a new sense of confidence, while having fun, gaining self protection skills, and making new friends.

I’ve been attending for about a year now, and I have made many friends, became more confident, and more energetic than ever. It is truly a community and all my classes teach technique and train physical, mental and spiritual strength. This place is going to be an important part of my high school years.

Erik Pugachi Grade – 10