With Evoke’s muay thai program you will enjoy cutting-edge workouts while gaining powerful skills in fun, safe, and empowering classes.

Get the skill, body, and indomitable will of elite muay thai athletes
without having to become a pro fighter.


Muay Thai Schedule:

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(Valid for two people – includes free boxing hand wraps)

Enjoy the full breath and beauty of authentic muay thai training even if you have no intension of stepping in a ring.

Each workout is designed to charge up your metabolism for guaranteed amazing fitness results.

Perform at your best alongside like-minded adults within a supportive, beginner-friendly community-vibe environment.

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A functional, fun, and safety-first approach is at the core of all of Evoke’s martial arts classes.

About Our Muay Thai Gym:

Our training culture is not forged by tough gals and guys. We run muay thai classes for the everyday martial arts athlete.

Evoke also challenges the stereotypical muay thai workout experience – we offer something more than burpees and vigorous fitness regiments.

Our program caters to adults looking for a great workout while gaining competent skills, and enjoying a greater sense of fulfillment and productivity as a result.


Muay Thai FAQ:

Sure you can! Click the trial button get started with our starter pack.

We offer a 2-class trial web promotion to start.

It is a great way to “test-drive” Evoke’s muay thai classes to see how we are a good fit for you.

Yes there will!

Our martial arts fam is ever growing with new members joining all the time.

Evoke’s sessions are beginner friendly and your training is organized to be progressively challenging; so you can go at your own pace.

Not even close!

It is authentic Muay Thai training with experienced coaches and instructors.

Our level 1 classes focus on developing fundamental tools and conditioning, allowing to gain formidable skills while breaking serious sweat.

There are also a level 2 and 3 classes for combative tool development and sparring. You may attend these later on if you’re interested in more contact-type training.

Evoke offers a variety of membership options & payment plans with some starting around $30 per week.

Your first step is to start with a trial.

It’s important to us that you enjoy your class, consider it beneficial, and find us to be a good fit for you.

Oh… yes!

Women make up a good size of members and even our instructor team.

Evoke Martial Arts is a community-hub with a training environment that is family-like, inclusive, and not gender dominated.

Yes. Sparring is integral and important tool in gaining proficient skills in your muay thai training.

However new students are not sparring from the get go.

Level 1 classes, for example, focus on pad-work, conditioning, and muay thai fundamentals.

There are separate intermediate and advance classes for members interested in sparring training.

Click here if you wish to learn more about Evoke’s sparring system.

Teenagers 15 and up may attend Evoke’s Muay Thai kickboxing classes.

However, we do have a teen program with classes created just for teenagers.

Muay thai make up one of the components of the curriculum, and the pace is more accommodating to teenagers.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we have to restrict spectators.

None-the-less, we are happy to schedule a visit – off hours – to check out the school, and assist with any questions you may have.

If you are perhaps simply curious about seeing muay thai in action, we have lots of class footage on our social media channels – @Evoke.Ma

We blend innovative training methods with years of experience to offer you the best muay thai training experience. Hands down.

Try 2 classes for $29 – valid for 2 people.
(includes free pair of boxing hand wraps each)

Muay Thai Schedule:

Not ready to glove up yet? That’s ok.

You can request to learn more about Evoke’s muay thai classes. We’ll follow up with information on class times, membership options, and any trial promos we are running.

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Empowering, cutting edge workouts that gets you rock-body fitness, amazing stamina, and an unshakeable will.

Empowering, cutting edge workouts that gets you rock-body fitness, amazing stamina, and an unshakeable will.

Place is nicely clean! (I found not too many in the neighboorhood have a clean mat) Did the muay thai class & its fantastic for all levels. Their techniques is really really well taught. Just love getting a great workout too. Everybody is super friendly & very respectful, which as a beginner makes u feel safe & comfortable. Looking forward to my next class!

Fanny G.| Kickboxing member