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I've been training at Evoke Martial Arts for a month and am so grateful for the experience! The team's genuine care and welcoming attitude make learning martial arts less intimidating and more enjoyable. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their physical and mental well-being.
Patricia B.
Patricia B.
I recently had the pleasure of attending the Muay Thai classes at Evoke Martial Arts Academy, and I cannot express enough how amazing the experience has been. If you're looking for a martial arts academy that offers top-notch Muay Thai training, Evoke is the place to be.From the moment I stepped... onto the training floor, it was clear that Evoke takes their Muay Thai classes to a whole new level. The instructors are not only highly skilled, but they also possess an innate ability to effectively impart their knowledge and techniques to students of all levels.The instructors break down complex moves into easily digestible steps, allowing everyone to learn and improve at their own pace.What sets Evoke's Muay Thai class apart is the attention to detail and the focus on technique. The instructors are meticulous in their approach, emphasizing proper form, balance, and precision. They take the time to correct and refine each student's technique, ensuring that every strike and movement is executed with maximum effectiveness.The training environment at Evoke is exceptional. The spacious and well-equipped training area provides ample space for students to practice and hone their skills. The atmosphere is welcoming, supportive, and inspiring, creating a positive and motivating environment for all who train there.One of the standout aspects of Evoke's Muay Thai class is the emphasis on conditioning and physical fitness. The classes are intense and challenging, pushing you to your limits and helping you develop strength, stamina, and agility. The combination of technical training and rigorous workouts ensures a well-rounded and exhilarating experience.Moreover, the camaraderie and sense of community at Evoke are second to none. The instructors and fellow students create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels encouraged and motivated. Whether you're a seasoned fighter or a complete beginner, you'll be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion for Muay Thai and are eager to help you succeed.In conclusion, Evoke Martial Arts Academy's Muay Thai class is a true gem for martial arts enthusiasts. With skilled instructors, a well-structured curriculum, a fantastic training facility, and a welcoming community, Evoke offers an unparalleled Muay Thai experience. Whether you're looking to improve your striking techniques, enhance your physical fitness, or simply unleash your inner warrior, Evoke is the perfect place to train.I wholeheartedly recommend Evoke’s Muay Thai class to anyone seeking a thrilling and transformative martial arts journey. Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and amazed as you unlock your true potential and master the art of Muay Thai.Evoke Muay Thai: Where warriors are forged and excellence is more
Best birthday party here at Evoke!!!! We celebrated our daughter’s 12th birthday at Evoke and everyone really enjoyed the party!Guest comment during the party: “Wow we have never attended a martial arts birthday before. This is super fun and our children are really enjoying the activities.”It... was a very well planned party with super fun activities and all of this arranged by Evoke! As parents we were really relaxed as everything was managed by Evoke staff.My daughter’s friends really enjoyed all the activities and everyone at the party was engaged throughout the 2 hours. Time management was excellent, everything was ready when we arrived.Best birthday party experience. Highly recommend!!My daughter also attends the Hapkido Kidz class at Evoke! When she first started, it was really challenging for her. But the teachers at Evoke were so encouraging and supportive that very soon she started getting comfortable in her classes. We are really happy seeing her progress and really appreciate the staff at Evoke! Thank you so much for your wonderful lessons and teaching these important life skills with so much determination!Highly recommend their classes!read more
The workouts are intense and effective. The instructors are skilled, offering clear instructions and individualized attention. The gym’s focus on technique ensures a challenging yet safe environment. My fitness has improved noticeably, and I appreciate the supportive community that encourages... everyone to achieve their more
Ricardo G.
Ricardo G.
After attending the first of 2 kickboxing trial classes at Evoke, I felt so good that I decided to sign up right away! I am not a person who is motivated at a regular gym without instruction. Here, the academy and the instructors have such good, positive energy. They understand your endurance... levels and tell you to put in as much effort as you can while also making sure to gently encourage you to test and push your limit each time. I saw results in just 3 classes in being able to hold my plank longer than my first class. Love that every class focuses on improving kickboxing technique and has different combos and burnouts. In my 5 weeks here my endurance, fitness levels and breathing has improved. Also happy that my sciatica that used to affect me often while walking, had completely gone away in less than 2 weeks.I should mention that they take the time to personally check in via text to see if you’re ok when you miss a class. The camaraderie is instant here amongst members and staff. 🙂 Thanks, team, for being so wonderful!read more
Anjana R.
Anjana R.
Evoke is a wonderful space for my 10 and 15 year olds.Leia is always looking forward to her Hapkido practices and is a big fan of her instructors. Amir loves the Muay Thai classes.The environment at Evoke is the perfect combination of supportive and disciplined.I highly recommend Evoke to anyone... who is looking for a great martial arts studio.Nasread more
Nas Y.
Nas Y.
Hi praise for the wonderful team at Evoke. My 7 year old daughter loves the Little Dragon program and is exited to go to every single class. It's incredible to see the added boost in her confidence and focus in such a short period of time. Special events, such as the parent's night out, was also... a fun and exciting time for the kids and certainly appreciated by the more
Andrew H
Andrew H
I joined Evoke almost 2 months ago and I’m really enjoying it! The teachers are attentive to each student and make you feel empowered to get through each tough workout. I have a Shotokan Karate background and have been quite out of shape so I was looking for something where I could use my passion... for martial arts but also get my body back in shape and Evoke is the perfect place for that. I’m very happy I joined and highly recommend it! If you’re scared or shy, try one class and I’m sure you’ll be back again!read more
Doris S.
Doris S.
Have been going here for the Muay Thai classes. The team is absolutely amazing!!! Very supportive, provide clear instructions and help for the classes, friendly and kind, and know you by name which I believe shows how much they care. The place itself is very clean, bright, and overall suitable for... the classes. I do a biweekly membership and it's definitely worth it if you can go consistently, otherwise they offer class packages too. I really enjoy going here and would recommend anyone considering a place to join here!read more
Alexandra P.
Alexandra P.
I know the place for about nine years. Somehow I missed to leave a review earlier! My kids going there learned patience, respect, social skills in addition to their martial art techniques. They gained self confidence and experienced deep friendships. Our lives were much easier when it came to... teenage emotions!read more
Arash K.
Arash K.
I recently had the pleasure of participating in the kickboxing lessons, and I must say it was an absolutely exhilarating experience! From start to finish, every aspect of the session exceeded my expectations, leaving me feeling both physically and mentally empowered. Here's why I would... wholeheartedly give it a 5.0 rating:1. Expert Instruction: The kickboxing lesson was led by 2 highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors who demonstrated exceptional expertise in the art of kickboxing. Their ability to break down complex techniques into digestible steps made it easy for beginners like me to grasp the fundamentals quickly. Their constant guidance and encouragement throughout the session helped me improve my technique and push my more
Lawrence L.
Lawrence L.
My son has been attending clases for over a month now and I can say he loves it! He is always eager to go to class and really enjoys stripe week, it keeps him engaged and to feel appreciated for his hard work.
Clariana L.
Clariana L.
We love this program! All the staff is super-friendly and knowledgeable. Besides burning a lot of energy, our son is quickly improving his self-esteem and self-regulation. The keywords and actions they work on, like patience and discipline, are very helpful. Thank you Evoke Team!
Jean M.
Jean M.
I cannot imagine my son’s childhood without his classes at Evoke. The best thing we could have done for him as parents is register him for the martial arts programme at this amazing place. He goes twice a week and has made incredible friendships, while learning the values of discipline, teamwork,... commitment, focus and hard work. We see the benefits with every single class. Even the summer camp programme is exemplary. Truly this place is one of the highlights of living in the area. Well done Evoke for caring about your Little Dragons so more
Hala K.
Hala K.
My son attended the Hapkido classes for a short time here. Unfortunately, we are moving very soon and he is not able to attend anymore. In these few weeks, he has learned so much that he is determined to continue with martial arts and Hapkido. He loved being in Evoke Martial Arts School with his... new friends and instructors. Besides physical strength, he also started learning discipline. As parents, we liked being able to attend and watch the classes, feeling much like being a part of the family. Thanks for everything one more more
Lll B
Lll B
This is by far one of the best kids parties we’ve ever hosted. We have celebrated both of our kids party here. It is an amazing experience for the kids. They are kept active with none stop games and make sure the birthday child is the center of the party! Can’t recommend enough.
I recently had the opportunity to attend a kickboxing lesson at Evoke Martial Arts and I must say, it was an outstanding experience. The class was held on early May and took place in a clean and well-maintained training area.The highlight of the lesson was undoubtedly the coach. They were... incredibly patient and knowledgeable, taking the time to guide us through various kickboxing combos. Their teaching style was effective, as they explained each technique clearly and demonstrated it with precision. I particularly appreciated their willingness to provide individual attention and personalized feedback, ensuring that every participant understood and executed the techniques correctly.The class had a great atmosphere, with a diverse group of participants who were enthusiastic and motivated. The energy level was high, creating an encouraging and supportive environment. It was evident that the coach fostered a sense of camaraderie among the students, which made the lesson even more enjoyable.In terms of the workout, the kickboxing lesson provided an excellent physical challenge. The coach incorporated a variety of exercises to warm us up and stretch our muscles before delving into the techniques. The cardio component was intense, offering a fantastic opportunity to improve endurance and burn calories.I have been so impressed with my experience that I have already recommended this kickboxing lesson to many of my friends. If you're looking to learn kickboxing in a supportive and engaging environment, I highly recommend giving this class a try. The coach's expertise, combined with the well-maintained facilities and the positive atmosphere, make it an exceptional choice for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.In conclusion, my kickboxing lesson at Evoke Martial Arts exceeded my expectations. The patient and knowledgeable coach, combined with the energetic class atmosphere, created an environment that was both enjoyable and conducive to learning. I highly recommend this kickboxing lesson to anyone interested in improving their skills and overall fitness. Thank you to the coach and the staff for providing such a fantastic experience!read more
Tania Y.
Tania Y.
I can’t say enough good things about the program and instructors at Evoke. There are other kids martial arts program offered across the city and closer to home, but what Evoke offers here is something I haven’t seen in other programs. They are compassionate and kind in their teachings but yet... expect individuals to focus and give their all. Evoke has built a safe environment for mix martial artists to learn and grow and to build not only their character but their phycological and physical strength. I can’t recommend Evoke enough. Both my girls have been attending since 2019. Thank you Master Dao and to the entire Evoke team & more
Amy N.
Amy N.

Questions about our trial programs:

We offer a variety of trial options for prospective members to try us out first.

It is important to us that you enjoy your experience, see the benefits, and find us to be a good fit.

Navigate to the program page of your choice and click on the trial button to get started.


Training is more fun when you participate with a friend, and you are more likely to stick to attaining your goals by holding each other accountable.

You can select the option to bring a friend when you book online, or kindly give us a call if you require assistance – (416)440-2828.

That’s ok too.

That’s the whole idea of a trial… give it a shot to see if it’s right for you.

One of our operational values at Evoke is to be honest, personable, and kind; so there are no sales pitches or gimmicks to try and get you to enrol 🙂

Ps: due to Covid-19 restrictions we are only able to accommodate limited trial spots. We ask for your kindness and thoughtfulness when considering booking a trial.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we have to restrict spectators.

None-the-less, we are happy to schedule a visit – off hours – to check out the school, and assist with any questions you may have.

If you are perhaps simply curious about seeing classes in action, we have lots of video footage on our social media channels – @Evoke.Ma

About Evoke Martial Arts:

Evoke was established in 2005, and formerly known as T.H.A – Toronto Hapkido Academy.

We have since grown as brand and in our program offerings. During the pandemic lockdowns, we rebranded our company to better aligned ourselves with the next phase of our growth.

Our mission is continuing to evolve and improve upon the experiences, culture, and magic in all our programs that members love about us 🙂

We offer a variety of kids and adult programs at Evoke martial arts, and have different instructors assigned to classes.

Evoke also has a roster of black belt assistant instructors and high rank volunteer coaches who sometimes support our main instructor team.

All team members are well-trained, experienced, and embody our core values at Evoke martial arts.

Please navigate to the About page to learn more.

Of course 🙂

We are part of a network of professional studios within the international martial arts community.

Our programs are affiliated with reputable martial arts organizations and governing bodies.

There are so many amazing things we can say about ourselves… but it’s better to give us a try and get to know us better 🙂

Yes. Sparring is integral and important tool in gaining proficient skills in your martial arts training.

However new students are not sparring from the get go.

Our fitness kickboxing and Lil’ Dragons, for example, have zero contact or sparring involved.

Other programs also have separate intermediate and advances martial arts classes for members interested in sparring training.

Click here if you wish to learn more about Evoke’s sparring system.

At the moment, adults train with adults and kids with kids.

We organize our schedule in a way that allows siblings, and families, to make the most of their time to attend classes.

The kids programs are organized by age; with classes running back-to-back or simultaneously on a separate workout floor.

Some of Evoke’s fitness kickboxing classes, for example, are offered at the same time as the kids. This allows parents to also workout while their kids take class.

Not for a while 🙂

It really depends of the individual, their frequency in attendance, and aptitude for retaining and improving in skills.

Keep in mind also that the belt rank system helps teach goal setting and achievement… but it’s not the end-all-be-all in your training.

However at Evoke, regardless of your rank, you can expect to enjoy a comprehensive, fulfilling, and engaging journey along the way.

Not quite.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) and mixed martial arts (MMA) are really popular now. But there is more to them than buzz words.

Our core self defense program, Hapkido, sometimes gets mixed up with these two disciplines.

Although hapkido is a Jiujitsu type martial art, the approach to techniques differ a bit in focus and application.

Hapkido is Korean art with roots in Japanese jiujitsu, so it incorporates techniques often seen in mixed martial arts and various forms of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

So, you will be learning striking, takedowns, ground submissions in your classes.

But, to be clear – we are not an “mma school” or a “bjj school” 😉

Membership Questions:

Evoke offers a variety of membership options & payment plans, with some starting around $35 a week.

Your first step is to start with a trial.

It’s important to us that you find us to be a good fit for you before investing in a membership.

We do not believe in long term “contracts”, and our cancellation policy is quite simple.

Memberships may be cancelled with required notice – two weeks, 30 days, or 60 days – depending the membership type and billing cycle.

There are no cancellations or refunds for paid-in-full memberships. An attendance credit is usually provided when appropriate.

Some of our membership options allow for a suspension or pause, for up to 6 weeks.

Please note that billing will continue on your membership for the period you are away, however you will recieve an extension on your membership.

There are no accommodations for absent or unused portions. A 2 week notice is required in other to request an attendance pause.


University and college students at Evoke take advantage of special rates on select membership options.

We also offer discounts for couples, siblings, and families on the same billing account.

Please speak to our frontdesk to learn more.

That’s up to you, or your child’s, availability and schedule.

For adults, we recommend at least twice a week of regular attendance in other to enjoy great results from your workouts.

It is ok, for kids to attend once or twice a week to start; but intermediate and advanced rank students require more frequent practice time to become proficient and move up to higher levels of skill.

Yes we do.

We love having families at our school. It’s a great way to enjoy an activity together and inspire one another through the journey.

Evoke offers discount rates for families.

Kindly speak to our frontdesk to learn more.


We do our best to offer membership options that accommodate various schedules and budget.

Recognizing that real progress only comes from long term pursuits, we also understand sometimes circumstances hinder long term commitments.

Adult Programs:

Evoke’s adult classes are typically evenings, after the work, and weekends.

We endeavour to offer multiple schedule options per day for all our programs.

Check out the various program schedules. to learn more.

Yes there will!

Our fit fam is ever growing with new members joining all the time.

Evoke’s sessions are beginner friendly and the workouts are organized to be progressively challenging; allowing you to go at your own pace.

For the most part… yes!

Creating an environment that is family-like, inclusive, and safe is one of our operational values.

We also run workshop type programs for niche groups – like our women’s self defense course. These are periodic and happen during select dates in the latter part of the calendar year.

Please contact us to learn more.

Oh… yes!

Women make up a good size of members and even our instructor team.

Evoke Martial Arts is committed to offer a training environment that is family-like, inclusive, and not gender dominated.

Kids Programs:

Not at all 🙂

In fact, our programs are designed is a way to allow new members to join at anytime.

Unlike many kids programs martial arts is not a seasonal activity.

It is also no secret that martial arts training can make a difference in a child’s life in ways no other activity can. However, these life-changing benefits happen as a result of a committed process rather than a short term fix.

No. We offer age-specific lessons at all levels.

Evoke is a leader in offering well-structured children’s age-appropriate children’s martial arts classes.

Our signature programs were organically created to also target the various stages of growth and development in kids.

Click here to learn more about Evoke’s kids programs.

Oh… yes!

We have just as many boys as we do girls. Women also make up a good size of not just our members but also our instructor team.

Evoke Martial Arts is committed to offer a training environment that is family-like, inclusive, and not gender dominated.

We take the safety of members seriously… especially our younger ones.

Every aspect of our operations is curated to offer an productive, exciting, and safe environment for everyone.

Ensuring every lesson is taught at an age-appropriate manner is one of the cornerstones of our signature kids’ programs.

From the design of lesson plans, to our facilities, or top of the line equipment, and our soft padded workout floors – your child’s comfort and safety is important to us.

We are social:

By now you’ve probably done your homework; you’ve read our reviews, checked us out on social media, or perhaps spoken to someone to find out who we are. How about taking the next step and give us a try.

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Innovative kickboxing Workout that gets you results you can count on.

Innovative kickboxing Workout that gets you results you can count on.

I’ve been with Evoke a little over 4 months now doing the kickboxing program! Best decision I ever made to go to their trial class! Ever since then I’ve been hooked! Love the environment, the coaches and instructors are amazing and go above and beyond to help us achieve our goals! Highly recommend this place over and over again!

Alenoush Espinosa | Kickboxing member