how to get back to workout after pandemic

You’re not alone. The lockdowns have taken a toll on all of us.

It feels like ages ago when life as we know it changed. You were active and exercised a few times a week. Eating healthy with less takeout. You slept well and great.

But then life as we knew it all changed; you perhaps gradually felt unmotivated or just burnt out from trying hard.

Regardless, you crave going back to the days when you felt good about your health. You want to build the habit of getting regular exercise again, but it’s been so long.

Here are easy steps to follow that will help make the process needlessly overwhelming or difficult.

1. Ease yourself back into it.

Avoid a urge to try jumping right back to the frequency (and intensity) you were back then.

Doing may leave you feeling overwhelmed and discouraged from resuming a workout routine after a long break.  So start at a comfortable pace, even if it means exercising only once a week, with medium-intensity workouts.

Progressively increase the duration and intensity of the workouts as your body adjusts to the new workout routine.

2. Workout with a friend.

Having an accountability buddy goes a long way. Find an activity that you and a friend will enjoy doing together.

Something partner-based like fitness kickboxing or  martial arts training will help keep each other motivated.

It may even provide a little bit of friendly competition. You’re much less likely feel like staying at home if your training buddy is counting on you 🙂

3. Give your body the time it needs.

Allow your body whatever extra few minutes it needs to get to pace. That way you will gradually get your heart rate up and get further in your workout.

Your body will thank you the next day.

It’s also just as important to put in extra time for a proper cool down and stretch. This is essential for injury prevention and to reduce the amount of soreness you will feel the next day, especially when you’re just starting up exercising again.

4. Play the long game, and remember the rewards.

Whatever level of fitness you are in now did not happen at a blink.

Getting back an active workout routine after months to adjust to. You may even fall off the wagon a few times, but you just have to be determined not to stop.

The benefits that come along with regular exercise. Better sleep, stronger muscles, higher metabolism, and a lower risk of sickness is why you want to approach this as a long haul and not a quick fix.

Try to remember how you felt when you were at your highest fitness level. Think about how much you would like to feel like that again. So give yourself the time it takes to get back there.

Before you know it you will be back into your old workout routine and feeling amazing again.

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Achieve a leaner, stronger, and more alive body while developing amazing self protection skills.

Achieve a leaner, stronger, and more alive body while developing amazing self defense skills.

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