wrap your hands for kickboxing

How to tie your hand wraps for kickboxing or muay thai.

Do you know how to wrap your hands for kickboxing or muay thai training? It can be tricky thing to master, and is probably one of the first learning curves when starting muay thai or kickboxing training.

But, have you ever wondering what the deal is with learning to wrap your hands when training your favourite martial arts class?

Why should you wrap your hands for kickboxing or muay thai?

Hand wraps serve a number of purposes in training. The first one is safety.

You need to protect your hands and wrists when punching. Boxing hand wraps help keep your fists in place when you land strikes on a target.

They support your wrist joints and keep them aligned when you are punching. This allowing your fist to better absorb the energy on impact.

They protect your boxing gloves.

Good personal hygiene is another reason tie on hand wraps when training because your hands sweat a lot with boxing gloves on.

Over time, the sweat and moisture inside your boxing gloves could become a breeding ground for odour causing bacteria.

When you learn how to wrap your hands for kickboxing, you reduce the sweat from accumulating inside your boxing gloves. This in turn when ensure your gloves last longer and serve you well in your workouts and training.

What is the best way to tie your hand wraps for kickboxing?

There are a few ways to do this, and you will find one that works best for your through the course of your martial arts journey.

Here’s a method we recommend to new students at Evoke martial arts.

How to tie hand wraps in 10 quick steps.

  • Wrap around back of wrist x3
  • Over thumb (from back)
  • Go back towards lateral (outer) wrist
  • Wrap wrist again one more time (slightly above wrap from step 1)
  • Create half x by going towards lateral (outer) knuckle and wrap knuckles x3
  • Complete x from medial (inner) knuckle to lateral wrist
  • Bring wraps up in between each finger, each time bringing the wrap to medial (inner) wrist
  • Wrap around the wrist one more time
  • Create half x and wrap knuckles like in step 5 (wrap knuckles as many times as wrap lengths allow, usually x1-3)
  • Complete half x like in step 6
  • Use remaining wrap to reinforce wrist
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Achieve a leaner, stronger, and more alive body while developing amazing self protection skills.

Achieve a leaner, stronger, and more alive body while developing amazing self defense skills.

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