nutritious breakfast guide

How do you find a nutritious break fast guide especially when you’re on the go?

A nutritious breakfast guide is a helpful thing to have for busy mornings. Keep in mind, building a healthy breakfast habit is requires proper planning.

Making sure you get your breakfast in before school or work can be a challenge.

Here are some helpful tips for a nutritious breakfast guide on the go.

Nutritious Breakfast Guide #1 – Prep in Advance:

Prepping meals the night before or even at the beginning of the week makes it so you can just grab them and go. It just might let you get an extra five minutes of sleep!

Overnight oats, peanut butter and banana tortilla wraps, and yogurt parfaits are good examples.

Breakfast Guide #2 – Choose at Least Three of the Four Food Groups:

To ensure that your breakfast is nutritious and filling, you should include at least three of the four food groups: milk and alternatives, grains, fruit and vegetables, and meat and alternatives.

Adding a piece of fruit or a glass of milk to your breakfast is a great way to improve it to a well-balanced standard.

It will also help rejuvinate you from perhaps that kickboxing workout you did the night before 🙂

Breakfast tip #3 – Choose Your Drinks Wisely:

Selecting a morning drink with lower sugar content is a great way to cut your daily intake.

Whether it’s your morning latte or even just a cup of juice, you could be consuming more sugar than you realize.

Although fruit juice has the delicious taste of fruit, it lacks the nutritional benefits you get when you eat the entire fruit. Have an orange instead.

Nutritious tip #4 – Don’t Skip Breakfast!

Even if you aren’t a morning person or you’re just not that hungry in the morning, skipping a meal can have a negative effect on your health.

Low blood sugar can lead to fatigue, moodiness, and difficulty with concentration. Also, skipping meals can actually slow down your metabolism, making your fitness goals even harder to reach.

Even just grabbing a piece of fruit and a protein bar on your way out the door is enough to make sure you eat something to get your day off to the right start.

Nutritious Breakfast Guide #5 – Limit the Sugar, Increase the Whole Grains:

A great choice includes whole wheat toast topped with either egg and avocado or natural peanut butter and a sliced banana.

Another option is to leave the Corn Pops on the shelf at the grocery story and grab a whole grain cereal low in added sugar instead. Always be sure to check the labels.

Remember, building good eating habits, starting with breakfast, will make it easier for you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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