hacks to eating healthy all week

Are there hacks for eating healthy all week?

Yes! There are… sort of.

It’s really boils down to how disciplined you are on your quest to achieving those important training goals you set for yourself.

Eating Healthy Hack #1 – Drink plenty of Water.

Somehow we ignore our thirst even though we all know drinking water is important.

A helpful indicator of how hydrated you are is actually taking a look at what comes out in your urine. It may not be glamorous one but it can tell if you have had enough water.

The clearer it is, the better. Dark yellow indicates dehydration, which can lead you to feel tired. It is vital that you replenish water supplies by consuming non-caffeinated beverages.

Also, water fills you up which may actually suppress your hunger. This helps with unnecessary snacking and eating.

Eating Healthy Hack #2 – Ditch sugary drinks

Skip all the hassle and think of this one simple rule… “If it’s not natural, it’s probably not good”.
Seems pretty basic? It is. Humans do best when fed organic foods without many chemicals. Stick to water and organic fruit juices.

Many of us enjoy the occasional pop now and then, however, pop and sugary juices actually are harmful to your health. Diet sodas are no better.

They contain aspartame (a substitute for sugar) and can actually be more harmful. It has been linked to many health problems such as seizures, multiple sclerosis, brain tumours, diabetes, and emotional disorders.

Eating Healthy Hack #3 – Less portions but more frequently

Another rule of thumb, eat less but eat more frequently. It will really help with digestion and you will definitely feel less hungry throughout the day. Grazing throughout the day is the best approach.

Try eating about 5-6 meals a day instead of 3 large portioned meals. Try breaking down your breakfast into 2 meals – you can try having one meal earlier in the morning and the other later in the morning.

Try this with your lunch and perhaps dinner too.

Eating Healthy Hack #4 – Don’t starve yourself

You will tend to overeat at your next meal whenever you are really hungry. Avoid this and keep yourself well fed and hydrated.

If you allow yourself to feel super hungry throughout the day, you will set yourself up for an unnecessary binge.

The bigger the meal, the bigger you crash and the more you crave for caffeine and sugar to keep you going.

This cycle can be devastating to your health and promotes weight gain.
Graze and don’t be afraid to embrace food in portions.

Eating Healthy Hack #5 – Snack healthy.

Remember; pack something you enjoy eating that is nutritious and healthy!

Sure, chips are technically vegetables, but when they are deep fried and seasoned with tons of salt, they may have lost their nutritional value.

The whole point of snacking is to allow your body to get through the day without feeling really hungry by meal time.

Consuming too many calories during snack time may actually counteract all you’re other healthy decisions.

Look for raw veggies and fruits that can easily be snacked on throughout the day. The possibilities are endless! It’s up to you to be creative.



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Achieve a leaner, stronger, and more alive body while developing amazing self protection skills.

Achieve a leaner, stronger, and more alive body while developing amazing self defense skills.

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