how to get through lockdown as a family

Family is our biggest resource for getting through the emotional and mental challenges that come with prolonged lockdowns due to the pandemic. Here are helpful 7 habits to form with family or friends.

Positive Reinforcement:

Acknowledge each other’s efforts and celebrate even the smallest wins together.

Enjoy Your Meals Together:

Eat or snack together. Keep electronic devices away from the dining table. If you live alone, or have loved ones in a different city, arrange virtual meal times.

It can be so much fun sharing and comparing your meals even if you’re in different time zones.

Schedule Family Playtime:

Indoors or outdoors, do somethingh fun together. Play outside at the park, watch a family movie, or play a board game.

Taking a break from Netflix and play a board game from time to time will create new cherishable memories. With board games you each have to wait your turns and allows for everyone to feel included.

Healthy Sleep Routine:

Maintaining a regular and disciplined sleep routine is important for mental health.

Avoid prolonged screentime just before bed. Keeping a good sleep routine is very important for kids. Virtual learning and the pandemic has put a dent into many families’ structured schedule. Bed time is a good way to maintain some form of normalcy in your kids’ routine.

Decide Together:

Involved the family in some of your decisioin making.

It is a great way to build connection and make each other feel heard. Make an effort to hear everyone out and appreciate their insights. Operate like a unit.

Exercise Regularly:

Prioritize regular exercise time together or individually.

Whether indoors or outdoors, exercise is a proven way to reduce stress and release endorphines. You can also create friendly competition amd hold each other accountable.

Physical Affection:

Give lots of hugs and tell one another how much you love each other.

There is a lot of strength that comes from showing love and even vulnerability. We are much stronger together when we see ourselves – strengths and weaknesses – in others.

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